“I can’t say enough about Dr. Farino. She literally saved me during my back to back pregnancies. I saw her regularly during each for general chiropractic work and then I used her for labor prep during the last several weeks of my pregnancy and I really believe she played a major role in the smooth and successful deliveries that I had. My body was prepared for the most important days of my life and she also helped me recover post delivery.” –Monica P.

“I want to start this review by stating that I had never received chiropractic care in my life and was always skeptical. During pregnancy I started to get very stiff and experience sciatic nerve pain. I heard about Dr. Valerie and decided to give it a try. Dr. Valerie was very helpful and comforting and put to rest all of my concerns. I started to feel better after the first visit. I then continued treatment (massage, chiropractic adjustments) to get ready for the labor and delivery of my first baby. I truly feel my delivery was a lot less painful due to the looseness in my hips and pelvic area from the treatments.

About a month after my daughter was born I started to notice that she was having severe gas pains and she would cry for up to 40 mins in a high pitch scream / cry. I felt helpless and started to research natural options to help her pain. I kept reading about the success of chiropractic adjustments to relieve gas in babies. Once again I found myself skeptical and nervous about adjusting my baby girl. I finally decided that it was worth a try, since the pain was not going away and I couldn’t watch my baby scream and cry anymore. I went in to Dr. Valerie and she told me not to be nervous. The adjustment was nothing like an adult adjustment, it was very calm and did not bother the baby one bit. Within an hour after the adjustment my baby had a major blow out, like a colon cleansing of her insides. For the next 3 days she had major bowel movements and not a single bout of gas since the adjustment. Even our day care provider felt that our baby was changed. She said it was like a new baby – not so stiff and no more gas pains.

I will forever be grateful to Dr. Valerie for all she has done for me and my baby girl. I thought I had tried everything to solve this issue myself, but really I only needed to try this ONE thing – chiropractic! Thanks again to Dr. Valerie!” - Christy L.

I’m skeptical of chiropractic care. I had a bad experience when I first tried it 10 years ago after being a passenger in two car accidents in the same year. Fast forward to recently when I discovered my third baby was breech, just like the first two. I had decided early on in my pregnancy that I would try Berlin Wellness Center to avoid a third external cephalic version (ECV). My instincts were that there is something with my body that causes my babies to be breech but my doctor/midwife couldn’t give any reason to explain why. They didn’t seem to believe me that my kids always stayed in the same spot by about 25 weeks, when I’d get my 3-D ultrasound done. From my research , it seemed like she might have more insight.

“The first time I met with Valerie to massage and adjust me, my baby turned head down. She let me know my hip flexors and pelvic muscles were really tight. That following week I was able to, for the first time ever, feel a baby flipping around inside me. It was so new and fun. The first two times she massaged my hip flexors, they were so tight, it was basically impossible for me to r elax and breath while she did it. It was better than an ECV though because my baby wasn’t handled, it was just the muscles around. By 35 weeks, my baby was head down and stayed head down. Also, this pregnancy I’ve had the least aches and pains since coming to see Valerie. I trust Valerie, she worked magic and made my third and final pregnancy so enjoyable.” –Lisa S.

Dr. Valerie is as good as it gets. I can not say enough about the care I received during my pregnancy and postpartum. In fact, Dr. Valerie was so helpful I now take my 3yr old who I swear sleeps better since seeing her and my newborn who nurses like a champ. My husband is now addicted and is a regular along with several of my pregnant and non pregnant friends who I recommended. We make it a family event and we all feel better after her care.

For me specifically, Dr. Valerie helped me achieve my dream birth. In working with her through massage and adjustments, I was able to have a fast, easy, deeply satisfying and completely drug free natural birth. My baby is literally an angel and is SO easy which I also attribute to her care and the ease of his birth. I have seen chiropractors for years and hands down Dr. Valerie is the BEST.” –Michelle K.


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